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Dessert Sushi

I love sushi. It is good for losing weight, and fun to eat. I’ve heard rumors that wasabe has chemicals that are bad for your health though, so watch out! On the other hand, wasabe kills bacteria, so if you don’t have it, then you’re in even worse trouble. But, what about a dessert sushi experience?

Nigiri ice cream & fruit combinations.
Imagine having a very cold flat piece of stoneware in front of you. It has to be cold, because ice cream will be sitting on it shortly. You know how nigiri sushi looks. It is a rectangularly shaped piece of rice with a slice of fish on it, perhaps held together by a seatbelt made of nori seaweed. But, what if this nigiri sushi was made out of fruit and ice cream?

You could create rectangular pieces of vanilla ice cream that would be one inch by two inches. Then, you could shape fruit to put on top. You could eat this with chopsticks. You could cut strawberries to fit rectangularly. You might need two slices from a large strawberry, or perhaps one vertical slice from a really abnormally large strawberry. Rectangular slices of peach, banana, or other fruits would be easier. Kiwi tastes like strawberry and might go well with this idea as well. Putting a few blueberries on a domino shaped piece of ice cream might work well. The trick here is not to let the ice cream melt, otherwise your chopsticks won’t be able to grab them properly.

Chocolate soy sauce
But, there’s more. You need to use that soy sauce pourer for this. Instead of soy sauce you use chocolate sauce! But, you better eat your concoction fast before the chocolate sauce melts the ice cream.

Ice cream sushi rolls
You could make sushi rolls with ice cream and fruit too. This might be easier. You could use rice paper instead of nori, and even put sweet rice on the outside of the roll. Just keep it cold so it doesn’t melt.

Wasabe & Ginger?
You could have candied ginger and the wasabe would be a mint paste that goes well with vanilla and chocolate.