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Liquid nitrogen ice cream at the Ice Cream Lab?

I saw footage of The Ice Cream Lab on television. I didn’t realize it was only three miles away in Beverly Hills, CA. So, I went on a day when I had a little extra time. Okay, it was actually at night time because you can’t get parking so easily during the day. It was about 10pm. I had just had dinner at Panini Cafe which is a great place to get kabobs, rice, soups, taftoon wrap sandwiches, and huge desserts. Their desserts are great, but too large for a single person. In any case, there is an ice cream and cupcakes place called Sprinkles half a block to the West which is where I generally go (they are ultra-popular) and the Ice Cream Lab was two blocks in the Eastward direction. So, a-walking I went!

Bizarre Flavors
I got to this lab and it was filled with people. I checked out the menu. They had six flavors of ice cream. They had green tea, banilla, donilla (vanilla with cookie dough) purple velvet, and a few other flavors. Considering that they had a clientele that was 90% Asian, I think they should have more Asian flavors like Boba flavored ice cream, red bean, lychee, jackfruit or whatever else people like in the East.

What did it taste like?
I had a try of the purple velvet. It was a little bit too cream cheesy for my tastes, but that is their all time favorite flavor, so the others like it. Banilla was excellent too, and came with two wafers. Their ice cream is unique in that it is the creamiest of any type of ice cream that I’ve ever sampled. Los Angeles is a mecca for micro-creameries, so try this one while tasting at other unique locations as well to see ice cream in a new perspective!

How do they make it?
Judging from the fact that white vapor came pouring out of their machines, through the gap beneath the glass separating the staff from the customers, and into the room — I suggested that they get mad scientist outfits and try to play on how scientific their ice cream production technology really is. I think that a Halloween lab set up with bubbling test tubes, deranged looking scientests, and perhaps a Frankenstein look alike being experimented on would be the perfect touch. I’m not sure if they have room for this, but they could try.

The basically use liquid nitrogen to freeze the cream while their machine whisks it. It is a very unusual process. The actual temperature of the liquid nitrogen is negative 320 degrees believe it or not. I was actually concerned about my safety being next to something that cold, but I didn’t die, so all is well.

Is it Kosher?
It is certified Kosher by Kosher Los Angeles.

Visit their About Us page

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