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Review of The Grill on the Alley

I have always had my eye on the Grill on the Alley. I hang out in Beverly Hills regularly, but seem to generally end up at Panini Cafe for a healthy salad and yummy plate of kabobs. But, enough about me. Finally, after years, I finally found the time in my schedule to make it down to the grill. It is a lot farther from my favorite parking lot, so I had to allow twenty extra minutes for walking both ways.

I got to the grill, and looked at the menu. It was “Dine in Los Angeles” week. Every year, we have a week or two where more than a dozen of Los Angeles’ finest restaurants offer a three course meal for a fixed price. The price this year at several places was $45. Not cheap, but this is for four or five star dining.

I had no idea what to order, but the raspberry pork chop caught my fancy. It was one of those thick cut chops with an imaginative sauce. I couldn’t resist. I ordered a mushroom barley soup to start with. It was very satisfying and flavorful. I correctly identified the bread as being from La Brea bakery, and it was cut thick, so I could break it with my hands. I had a choice of soft butter, roasted tomato paste, or olive oil with a touch of balsamic vinegar. I tried all three! Then, my main meal came — my chop with mashed potatoes. They have a dozen sides to choose from, but I went with something as standard as you can pick. The chop had this wonderful charred, yet juicy taste. It was just perfect, and the raspberry sauce was so imaginative and compatible with the chop as well. The mashed potatoes were nice too, but I don’t have any commentary about them other than, “They were nice.”

The waiters dressed in long white coats. They looked like doctors in their outfit. I asked for permission to see my x-rays. They do seem to have a lot of older gentlemen working there. They are an old school establishment that has been around since the mid-80’s.

Yes, I did save room for dessert. It was either ice cream with berries (been there done that,) or tres leches cake. Since I am a lover of trying new things, I went with the leches. It was relatively large for a dessert in one of these fancy joints. Each bite was rich in dairy pleasure. Yum!

If you have a chance to visit Beverly Hills, parking is slightly complicated, but much easier than other metro areas. I strongly recommend making time to visit The Grill on the Alley on Wilshire. They are top notch, very experienced, seasoned, and nice folks! I would give it three thumbs up after I wash my thumbs from the delicious meal!