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“I’ll be right back” — he said: A travel story

I was in La Jolla. For those of you who frequent my blog, you will know that I travel to San Diego County often to revive myself. It revives my health, sleep schedule and spirit. My psychic told me that a goddess named Usha lived in La Jolla 10,000 years ago and the entire area is blessed by her divine vibration. She loved the seals and she loved the coast. It is still wonderful to this day! How does a goddess in prehistoric America get a Hindu name? Not sure — maybe the Hindus got around more than we think on Atlantian modes of transportation beyond our comprehension. Anyway… getting back to the story.

During one of my nightly walks around La Jolla, in my quest for ice cream, good conversation and relaxation, I was having a conversation while eating my Swiss Vanilla Almond. We were talking about wicker furniture, and then I mentioned my problems finding .net programmers. The guy who I will call “Frank” at the neighboring table interjected. He told me all about his programming background and he wanted to be a project manager. We talked for about half an hour. He told me he wanted to give me his card. And then he uttered the words,

“I’ll be right back.”

Sounds like something Arnold would say in The Terminator. I got nervous when he said that. Would he really come back? His car was only 50 feet away. Why was I having this reaction. In any case, he came back and gave me his card. We talked for four more hours. Then, the next evening I met him at the same place and we talked for another hour.

A few days later, I talked with my psychic — yeah, the same guy who told me about the goddess. Never a dull moment with him. There is always a fascinating story to be told. I never know if the story is completely true, but the stories always have some bearing on reality and are always interesting. The psychic told me that I knew Frank in a past life. We were war buddies. We were in a battle situation together taking in some hostile fire. He had to go for a few minutes to get something. Unfortunately, I never heard from him again in that life. He wandered off and was killed minutes after I last saw him. His parting words before he was killed were:

“I’ll be right back”

Now, I know why I got so nervous when he said that he would be right back. The last time he said that he got killed. What an amazing story. Most of us are completely unaware that the people we meet in daily life might be people we knew in past lives. I met a guy in New Mexico who was my mother in a past life! No wonder he gave me food for free even after his restaurant was closed for a party!