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Carmela Ice Cream: Sage Brown Sugar Ice Cream

My roommate dragged me to this place. It is walking distance from where we live. It looks like a small ice cream shop in the countryside of France, or wine country in California. Carmela. They have all types of unusual flavors. I tried Cranberry Orange Sorbet. Sage Brown Sugar Ice Cream. My all time favorite is Cardamom Ice Cream and I’m so pleased that is on their menu too. Their cookies are phenominal as well. Lucky for me they are open until 11pm weeknights!

I’m not sure what particularly to recommend there since everything is good. We wrote an article about the best ice cream places in Los Angeles. This place is much better than any of the other ones on the list. It is new, so it didn’t go on our old list. Parking can be an issue unless you go late at night.

I feel that the flavors are masterfully crafted at Carmela. I love the ecclectic gourmet flavors as well. Although some of the other ice cream spots have accentuated gourmet flavors, nobody beats Carmela. Wish I could say more, but it is in the taste, not the written word!