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Review of WurstKuche — downtown Los Angeles, CA: best fries anywhere

It has been years that I have been dreaming of having rattlesnake sausage. A place in Northern California said they had it, but were out of it the day that I got there. So, finally, years later, I learned that WurstKuche in Downtown Los Angeles had this amazing sausage. Theirs was a rabbit / rattlesnake sausage. Close enough! In any case, I went down there with my friend. We rarely go to the artist district except to get Japanese food in Little Tokyo which is another fun destination if you like ramen and udon.

We got a little lost driving these odd streets, with odd angled intersections. It is an old industrial part of down with defunct railroad tracks. decaying industrial buildings, and newly refurbished artist dwellings. The population there is a mix of cool artists walking their dogs at 2 am, homeless people who harass you for spare change, and the folks who go to Japantown!

So, you are probably wondering about the restaurant. Let’s get back to the point of this article! The restaurant was set up like a bar with concrete floors, elevated ceilings. It was very industrial in appearance and loud which I didn’t like. You order in the back around a hallway. They have dozens of different types of sausages, plus Belgian fries. Their soda selection redefines eclectic. They had soda selections that I have never seen before, not to mention some designer beers. I’m not a beer drinker, so I’ll tell you about what I did have.

First of all, the paper plates and steel trays came at bizarre angles. Very artistic and industrial! We ate outside to avoid the noise. A homeless lady started bothering everyone, so I tolerated her for a while and then started yelling at her and she left.

Dandelion Soda
We started the evening with sodas. I got Dandelion soda which tasted flat with bubblegum overtones. Not a favorite, but it was fun to try something new. My housemate got an old fashioned ginger beer from a boutique brewery. It was not as good as Reeds which you can get at Whole Foods. She preferred my soda and I preferred hers, so we swapped.

Rattlesnake Sausage
This sausage was not bad. It was just bland. I’m glad that it was served with onions, peppers, and they had grainy Dijon mustard which was very flavorful. They actually had a yellow mustard, a white wine Dijon, as well as a more robust grainy darker Dijon which is my favorite. I suggested that when the waitress brings out the rattlesnake sausage that she rattles a castanet for ambiance. Maybe one day they will do that.

Belgian Fries
I am not a lover of fries. They are off my diet and do nightmares for my gallbladder and liver. However, these fries were the best I’ve had in my life. They were flavorful, wide and ultra soft. The dips they give you were amazing. Curry ketchup was okay. But, the chipotle aioli was truly amazing, and I will get a double of that next time I go.

Duck & Bacon sausage
This sausage had a much more robust flavor than the other one. I like unusual foods, robust flavors, and I feel that duck and bacon go well together we well (although bacon goes well with everything.)

Austin Blues
Next time I go, I will have their BBQ flavored sausage called, Austin Blues. I’m looking forward to that.

Vegetarian Sausages
My housemate is vegetarian and was very pleased that WurstKuche had a selection of vegetarian sausages. The evening worked well for us since there were many choices of drinks, and foods that were pleasing to the both of us!

We went down to Peddlers a few blocks west for dessert. They are an ice cream joint near Main and 5th where they peddle their own ice cream using a bicycle connected to a contraption that churns the ice cream. They also have an elaborate connection of bicycle parts, chains, wheels, gears, cogs, that all go around together. They figured out how to connect all of these parts that in real life would not be connected.

Peddler’s is unique because they are run by bicycle enthusiasts who are fun and upbeat and love what they do. The ice cream is excellent and uses coconut milk which is an unusual attribute here in America. I suggested that they do a green curry flavored ice cream since they use coconut milk. I think they will not take me up on this idea. I tried the lemon shortbread ice cream there. It was excellent and I love their unusual flavors over there. You can find more about peddlers on Twitter if you are interested!