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10 things to do in Chiang Mai

Whose on 1st; Wat’s on 2nd
A guide to Chiang Mai’s temples, museums & attractions

Museum of insects and natural wonders – crawl on over!
Did you know there are more than 10,000 kinds of mosquitoes? This small museum contains all sorts of insects, butterflies, fossils, seashells, minerals and more. Much of the museum was devoted to a couple’s work researching mosquitoes. There are many newspaper articles on display in this unusual museum as well. Not all mosquitoes are capable of transmitting diseases. This museum has information about 436 of species of Thai mosquitoes.

Art in Paradise 3D Art Museum
Enjoy hundreds of paintings that sort of jump out at you. You’ll see alligators, giraffes, tigers, and ocean waves that seem all too real. Click on the link to see the Google pictures of this lovely unique museum. There are also videos on youtube that you can enjoy.

Highly recommended Thai massage at a temple!
Wat Mahawan is a temple near the night market. According to the reviews, there are many nice people who hang out there, and amazing massage in the back.

Endless Wats
There are hundreds of temples in Chiang Mai. (That’s a lot of wats.) Here are some of the most popular temples which include: Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Wat Phra Singh, and
Wat Lok Molee.

Wat Chedi Luang
Thie temple was built 600 years ago and once housed the famous Emerald Buddha. The architecture is stunning there.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
Enjoy a long red brick stairway going through a densely forested hill. This temple has typical Thai architecture with an acute pointy roof, and an ornamented exterior. The temple is also near a national park where you can hike and see waterfalls.

What Phra Singh
This particular temple was built in 1345 under King Phayu. He was the fifth king of the Mangrai dynasty. This temple has a huge interior and is built right next to the parking lot. Don’t forget to bang the gong on your way out!

Wat Lok Molee
Wat Lok Molee has some very unusual architecture. One of the buildings has an earthy yellow brick exterior with typical Thai ornamentation.

Doi Suthep National Park
Hike and see waterfalls near the temple described a few lines above.

Enjoy Gardens at Royal Park Rajapruek
This is a nice place to relax, enjoy a slow walk, and see some amazing architecture too. See all types of flowers, manicured bushes, and more. This is a huge park, so prepare to spend some time.

Bua Thong Waterfalls
If you want to enjoy a nice walk in the woods, this is a nice place to go. This alleged waterfall is more of a raging whitewater river in some sections. The water cascades over limestone rocks in a very unusual way. I have never seen another waterfall quite like it. It wins the uniqueness contest, but be careful and don’t slip! It doesn’t quite compare to Yosemite, but the travel reviews of this venue have been very inspiring and happy.

Documentary Arts Asia
This is a very unusual type of museum with documentary films several times a week. Additionally, they have workshops on creating documentaries. This establishment was created to support photographers and film makers.

Chiang Mai Zoo
Elephants, pandas, lions, hippos, alligators, and more! This is a fun zoo to see Thai landscape and many types of animals.

Huay Tung Tao Lake
Enjoy a slow lunch in a bamboo shack next to a tranquil lake. Not a very exciting place, but very relaxing and no shortage of food either.

See Thai Kick-Boxing: Muay Thai
Burklerk Gym is a place where you can see live Thai boxing, or even get lessons. Although this is not for everyone, it is a very unique and exotic form of sport, and something every traveler should see at least a little of.

Lanna Folklife Musuem
There is lots of information here about Buddhism and folk life. Multimedia and exhibits with information to read. This is a good place to spend about an hour. Make sure they are open before you invest in cab fare.

What would a fake Thailand be like?

Welcome to Clip-on Thai Land

I have never been to real Thailand, but I thought it would be amusing to write a travelogue about fake Thailand. Almost everything in fake Thailand is fake, hence the name — fake Thailand.

Plexiglass noodles & other cuisine
If you order glass noodles with chicken, you’ll get chicken was made out of a tofu substitute which they pan fry with some plexiglass noodles. I’ve heard of artificial meat, but I draw the line at fake glass noodles.

The pad Thai would be missing all of the critical ingredients except for noodles. No ground peanuts, no spicy sauce, no shredded carrots, and no lime. This fraudulent excuse for a noodle dish would be one big lie!

Another sham of an imitation of a real noodle dish. This dish simply would not be Rad-na. It would have wide noodles, but no gravy, pepper, spices, or broccoli. It would be Rad-Not!

Drunken Noodles
The drunken noodles are cooked on a hot rock like Mongolian BBQ. So, they’re stoned, not drunk.

Other Dishes
You would be served non-adhesive mango sticky rice cooked on non-stick pan after you finished your egg rolls served with a something’s fishy sauce.

The hill tribes lived on a plain, and then used a movie set of hills in the background. How disappointing. But, they did have real looking costumes and embroidery at least. So, not everything was fake. All of the beach lovers headed over to Faux-Ket to stay at a resort next to the beach.

In the large cities, there would be fake prostitutes with fake AIDS. What a concept. I’m not sure how they would create a fake AIDS, but this is a fantasy article, so there would be a way.

The main Buddhist temple in Bangkok had a really large TV screen showing the Buddha instead of having a huge Buddha statue like normal temples. Virtual Buddhas — What will they think of next? They even had imitation monks at the temple. The monks were government officials wearing Buddhist robes who were pretending to meditate.

Fake degrees
In real Thailand, you can get a fake pilot’s license for 20 Baht. In fake Thailand, you can also get a fake degree or license, however the money would also be fake.

Sham elections
In real Thailand there are sham elections. But, in fake Thailand there would be sham sham elections if there can be such a thing — not to mention a fake coup.

Culinary terms would adapt as well
Yellow curry duck would become Quack Massuman. And fake Vietnamese noodles would be Pho’-ny, or faux pho’.

In any case, I’ve heard that the real Thailand has nice people, great beaches, and amazing food. But, this fake Thailand… Hmmm. I’m not so sure about it.