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Finding the perfect tree – Santa Cruz

This is a very endearing, but strange and silly story. My guru told me that putting my back to a redwood tree on a regular basis would be good for my kidney energy. I try to do this, but honestly, finding redwood trees is not easy when you live in Los Angeles. To my lucky surprise, I found a mini-grove of redwoods in Bel-Air, not to mention Santa Barbara’s Botanical Garden, Santa Cruz, and Muir Woods. There are also redwoods at Yosemite, and many other places in California.

Healing properties of trees
All trees have healing properties. It is part of my healing work to be near trees. Trees, particular older trees have a grounding affect on humans. For those who are a little unstable, spending time near trees is fantastic. Trees also have energizing effects on humans as well. They are pretty to look at and emit oxygen which is helpful as well. But, trees are more than this. Trees also have spirits. Westerners are oblivious to the spiritual realities of the universe. But, for those of us with shamanic past lives, we are a lot more in tune! Trees can communicate with people. They are no humans, so they don’t communicate the way we do, but you can intuitively share thoughts with trees. Additionally, trees have feelings, so showing love and caring to trees really does make a difference!

What is unique about redwood trees?
Each species of tree has different attributes, as each individual tree is also different as well. Redwoods are a very special type of tree. They tend to be older, and they have energies which are particularly good for kidneys.

My experience
My first experience putting my back to a redwood tree was in Santa Barbara at the botanical garden. They have a little redwood grove at one end of the park. Those trees were healthy looking, but nothing spectacular. I noticed that when my back is to a tree, the tree inserts astral antennas into my body. These antennas if I may call them that are made of astral light, and curve around until they get to the place where they want to do some healing work. I guess they remove toxic astral materials, and open up energy channels that are blocked.

Being a tree requires decision making.
If you think about it, being a tree is a lot like running a business. You need revenue: water, CO2, and sunlight. You need to get rid of waste which could be oxygen, and you need to get minerals from the dirt which requires sending lots of roots very deep into the ground. as a tree. As a tree, you need to make lots of decisions. When to create a new branch, how to repair damaged branches, what to do with your roots, how much water to store in your core, etc. I don’t know the biology of it all, but it is complicated from a managerial standpoint. Trees use their own souls to make decisions to use astral forces to guide their own physical activities. So, they can therefor use that same force to help us humans. Trees have a lot of intelligence, so don’t overlook that.

Most trees…
Most trees put their astral antennas into me. Sometimes they want to do healing on my lungs, others stick to my kidneys, while others focus on my rear end. It is very bizarre. I have to be very quiet and introspective to intuit what is going on. But, what I learned, is that the astral power of each tree is proportional to how healthy their branches are, how old they are, and how close they are to water. Dried up trees that are far from a river will not be a good tree to get healing from. I found that Santa Cruz mountains had the best trees in general. But, there was one tree that stood out.

The perfect tree
The other trees had dead branches. Many of them only had their high branches in good shape. Trees near the river seemed more healthy. Finding a really big tree was fun, but there were not so many of the really huge ones. I hiked up the hill on my favorite hiking trail in Santa Cruz. Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. It has a nice huge parking lot and lots of different trails to take, not to mention a choo-choo train that goes over a bridge! I had tried out many trees along the trail and took mental notes about which trees I liked most. But, then as I got to the border where the redwoods died out and more deciduous trees started growing — there it was. The perfect tree. It lived separately from the other redwood trees. It could stand on its own. A non-conformist. Strong in its own rite. I inspected its branches. Each and every branch was healthy. It was a tall tree, not the tallest, but very wide and thick. It might have been a different species of redwood than the others as it was more shapely while the others were just tall. But, its bark was red and light to the touch. So, I walked off the trail to this majestic giant, put my back to it, and miracles happened. The spirit from the tree was very active. It was like an entrepreneur who tended to his business night and day. He fixed absolutely everything that needed to be fixed, and never took a minute to be lethargic. This spirit went to work on me. He worked on my kidneys, shoulders, lungs, and many other places in my body. It was like a handyman going to work at full speed. I stayed for about ten minutes. Wow! Next time, I will go to that tree first. It is a bit odd living in a spiritual world where trees are people too, but you get used to it. I told my psychic all about it and he was very happy. I had found the perfect tree for healing work — and it lived in Santa Cruz on my favorite hiking trail near the peak!

Big Sur — it’s not what you think!

Big Sur is a quaint little seaside town in Central California. It is a place to relax and more! There are many art galleries, small hotels, beaches, and hills to explore. But, there are complications too.

Getting there!
The 1 is typically closed at night due to rock slides and danger. It is easier to close it than to pick up the remains of people who die by driving off the road off a cliff at night. It makes more sense to approach from the North near Monterey than from Cambria as a general rule. However, if you want to enjoy the entire coastline from top to bottom, and you have hours on your hands, then go from either direction. The road closure typically happens around 6pm, so start early if you want to approach from the South.


My favorite hotel is Deetjen’s.
It was started by an elderly (well, he might not have been elderly when he started it) Norweigian gentleman. The rooms are named, but not numbered. Parking is unpredictable and scattered. The cuisine is fantastic and if you come on the right night during the winter, they might have some live jazz. I’m not sure if they continued their Wednesday jazz tradition, but it was fun while I was there! I have a sleep disorder that causes me to sleep late while in Los Angeles, but at Deetjen’s the disorder reverses so I wake up too early! Deetjen’s has had superstars stay there over the years. But, recently it has gotten so popular, that I can’t get a room! Damn it!

One feature of Deetjen’s which is the most intriguing is that one of the dining rooms is “The Local’s Room.” It is where the locals eat. I joked with them and asked how long I would need to live there to become a local. The answer was at least thirty years. It’s one of those places. But, the locals are very nice, and they claim that they will like you if you have any artistic or musical talent! So, bring your violin!

Ventana Inn & Spa
If you have $350 per night to spend and like to be pampered, a drive up the hill from the main road will land you at Ventana Inn & Spa. Enjoy wine tasting, gourmet cuisine, and spa treatments. Don’t be surprised if you bump into a plethora of Beverly Hills types down there either!

Yes, there are many breathtaking scenic views and beaches. But, finding them is not easy. You need to get exact directions from your hotel. The turn onto the dirt road will be after you see a “road turns left” yellow sign with an arrow. My favorite beach — I want to remember the name as having a “Pfeiffer” in it, but every landmark in Big Sur has a Pfeiffer in it. Pfeiffer State Beach might have been the name. It has been a few years now so my memory is foggy. It was beautiful in any case. There is this huge rock formation in the water and the waves crash through the huge four foot wide hole in this rock. People from around the world just sit for hours at this location.

After some looking around, I found hiking, but the hiking trails down there are not well marked, and it is easy to get very badly lost. Ask your hotel for help. There is hiking, but Big Sur is not a place I recommend for hiking. Santa Cruz Mountains are a few hours North and have some of my favorite redwood hikes in the world — and with easy parking!

Scenic drives. There is really only one main road going through Big Sur. There are many scenic views from the road, and these views might be more pronounced at certain times in the day. Sunset, and the period slightly after sunset can be very inspiring times to have coastal views. After it gets too dark to see, the fun wears off, but you can have many breathtaking experiences around here!

Just being there
Sure it is fun to just drive around, see shops, eat, and socialize, but there is something special about Big Sur. Just being there is amazing. There is a magical nourishing feeling in the air. Time has an entirely new meaning in Big Sur. Time passes, but so smoothly, and without any pressure. It gets a little nippy at night, so it feels slightly like camping! Enjoying a few magical moments in Big Sur with your significant other might become memories to last a lifetime!