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Four Corners part 3: The return home

This blog entry is in three parts. The first few parts were published a few days ago. Please scroll back to read them before you read the ending.

Westward Ho
On my way back from New Mexico to Los Angeles, I decided to go via El Mapais National Park. There are many spirits there who do healing work. The last time I was there, I hiked, and a spirit guarding the place was a little bit disapproving of my presence. This time, I didn’t sense any spirits during the hike. There was only one spirit on the road this time. He was an older Indian spirit — one of the same ones who had worked on me the last time. It might be disconcerting to you readers to think about having weird spirits doing healing work on you while you are driving. But, over the last several years, I have gotten used to this providing that the spirit doing the work knows what they are doing which is not always the case. A few can be very rough. So, the spirit helped me for an hour and I thanked him.

Remote Territory
I drove through some very remote parts of Western New Mexico in the mountains and then crossed into Arizona. I drove on a very narrow windy road through grassy fields for a very long time. Then the road went down hill and I had to drive through a flooded area. Fortunately, nothing bad happened! That night I stayed at the Starr Pass Marriott which is the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at. I wrote a separate article all about it. The following night I stayed in Oro Valley where I learned that I meditate really well. I slept well there too, but I didn’t really enjoy staying there.

The Hyatt
On my way home, I had a late lunch at the Hyatt in Scottsdale, AZ. It was very luxurious, and it was fun to get great service and see how the other half lives! I enjoyed having a hamburger and black bean chili there not to mention a great almond chocolate cake! Yum. I took a walk around the hotel and the pool was packed with people enjoying themselves. After that, it was back home. It took seven hours to drive home from there. I took surface streets to the Western part of the 101 to avoid rush hour traffic. It had been a very bizarre and magical trip. I hope I have other trips like it in the future.

It’s funny, but the silliest part of the trip happened in Taos. I started taking a poll. If someone lives in Taos, are they a Taos dweller, a Taotian, or a Taoseno? The latter is the correct answer, but the other answers are fun too.