Monthly Archives: April 2015

If only there could be a travel blog that gives you the real experience

I love to travel, but find it tiring. The traffic, the language barriers, sickness, and other hassles don’t add to the experience — although they define it. But, for us busy types, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to travel without leaving your home? In a sense with travel videos, you can do more than you think. But, you can’t taste the food, smell the air, or feel the emotions of the traveler.

To me the salient features of travel are the unusual experiences you might have. You might meet someone in a train station, or have an interesting experience chatting in a cafe. It is not anymore about the culture, or the city, but about the people, and the experience. But, how can you translate this into a blog or video? Is it even possible?

I have written other articles about virtual travel. This requires a multi-billion dollar theme park where you really feel like you are in a different environment. In real life, someone determined could probably build such a place. But, how can you engineer your blog or video to help you at least imagine the smells, tastes, and the real experience without making it look documented? Perhaps it might be nicer to try to capitalize on the more interesting moments during a trip. Most trips are quite dull most of the time, but then a few minutes a day you’ll have a “wow” experience. You’ll see an interesting building or something interesting will happen.

My most interesting travel experience was looking for my friend in a Mumbai railway station. A stranger in his 60’s came up to me and said, “Your friend is looking for you.” I told him I was also looking for my friend. Then, I looked around and couldn’t find her in the crowd. Then, the man came back five minutes later and told me to make a loudspeaker announcement. I went to the manager’s office and made an announcement. Then, I waited. Nothing happened. I went back and walked around and found her. Then we walked back to where I had been standing. Keep in mind this station is huge and has thousands of people in it. It was a scene of a horrible massacre years after my experience there. We both saw the guy who I had talked to. I asked my friend if she had talked to him before. She said she had never seen him before. Bizarre — only in India!