If you run your own business, you can travel & then deduct it!

I own my own business and I love to travel. I love it when I can have a business meeting in a different metro, and deduct my expenses. In real life this doesn’t always work out that well. It is often that the service provider just isn’t doing good work and I have to fire them. But, I suppose if I keep looking I will be able to find good people in places I like to go anyway.

I love going to wine country, San Diego, Tucson, and Santa Fe. I hire programmers in other cities. That tends to be complicated. But, I could also hire bloggers, social media experts, or other consultants. I wonder if I can find any in the desired cities though. I found a programmer I really like. He is in Mississippi. Driving from Los Angeles to Jackson is a lot more than I think I can handle unless that is the only thing I do all month.

But, in the past, I did find programmers in other cities. I did deduct my trip. Unfortunately, the trip wasn’t as “fun” as I wanted it to be because it was 80% about business and not about fun. The IRS will be satisfied that I am doing real work on my trips, but I am not. Is it possible to combine business and pleasure like a pro? If it is, let me know how to master this art — I really want to know! (ooh, that rhymes!)

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