A lifestyle of travel can take a lot out of you

I remember my trips to India. It was so easy going, but coming back I felt like I was in a daze for three weeks. I never understood why it is like that. But, others claim the same thing! Travel tires me out. I can drive to other states, and enjoy that tremendously. The deserts of the American Southwest are mesmerizing and enchanting. But, there is nothing like going to a foreign country.

Sure, in America we have Chinatown, Japantown, and people from all over the world. But, it is not like being in a real foreign country. When you are abroad, the phone system is different, the coca cola tastes different, it smells different, people don’t speak English to each other, etc. In short, it is really different when you get off a plane. While in Los Angeles it only feels different!

But, I notice that I have gotten caught up with work. Maybe that is good. I am making something of myself. I am getting ahead. I am trying new things in business . I am mastering my skills. But, I feel very cut off from the world. Will I ever see India again? Will I ever see Bali or Dubai? Maybe I need to set my priorities. Maybe I need to work less, and make it imperative that I do some travel. Slowly, but surely I am rearranging my life to make my weekly activities more manageable, and I’m finding more people to help me too. Maybe I’ll be able to have time for an international life. Or better — maybe I can have business activities that require international travel. That would be my dream come true. My psychic says it will happen. So, we’ll see!

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