The importance of spending time with trees

My guru told me I should meditate at a particular place because the old trees would be good for me to stay spiritually grounded. It sounded a bit far out, but it worked. I was very unstable before I started going to that meditation spot. When I went once a week, I really did feel more grounded. I was much less paranoid. I didn’t feel the need to go on trips quite so often. As you know from reading my blogs, I have the travel bug, but don’t always have the time to satisfy my travel cravings. The place I often meditate has some very unusual trees. There are older trees that twist around. Some of the braches need to be held up by supports as these are really ancient trees. The people who used to visit this place really loved the trees. I don’t know if those are people who go there now, or people decades ago. This place in Mount Washington is lost in time. The vibration there is more from the 1940’s than any other decade.

But, there are other places with trees. The environment is different and the types of trees are also different. The Santa Cruz area has wonderful redwood forests. I love going there several times a year to commune with nature. I find it deeply satisfying to be around those wonderful trees. They have a wonderful healing energy to them and I love how soft the ground is around their trunks as well.

Hotel Bel-Air has a wonderful sunken garden with all types of trees including a Silk Floss Tree, seven Redwoods, and many other very unusual trees. I swear there are pixies or angels there in the garden. You can’t see them, but they must be thre in such an unusual environment.

I notice a very negative change in my personality when I haven’t had my dose of nature or in particular — trees. Maybe we all need to be with trees. Thomas Jefferson claimed that man needed to live in nature. I agree with him. Too bad I can’t meet him. I’m a few hundred years too late. But, I play the cello — so, we have something in common even with the time differential!

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