Finding a bar with your personality

I have looked far and wide. I’m not much of a bar person, but from time to time I’ll visit a bar. I recently had a conversation with a guy who hosts wine tasting who swore that the best memories of his life were in a neighborhood bar in Western Massachusetts. I think his statement sums up with blog entry. It is all about finding — your spot!

I always notice that almost everyone I know in my apartment complex I know from the cafe. It has a very social vibe there. I seem to get into lively conversations easily there, while in the rest of Los Angeles it just doesn’t happen. Normally when I go to bars, people are not so talkative. But, I went to a bar in San Diego in a hotel. Everyone there talked to me. The bartender told me his stories – of which there were many. The older guy to my right talked about five different subjects with me. Then, the Attorney on my left talked about business, travel, life and the universe. I think I found my bar.

The problem with bars is that you really can’t drink and drive. If I go out, I’ll have one glass of wine at the most. That limits how long you can hang out at a bar unless you have ginger beer and popcorn. But, recently I went into our neighborhood bar. I think they have turned hands three times since I have lived here. Now they are an upscale cocktail bar. They had only one choice of wines which I didn’t like. But, next time I am going to try their Cuban Ambassador cocktail. Rum, pineapple, and other flavors. I have only had a cocktail once in my life, so I am curious to try this concoction that the bar tender talked me into. I think the fact that the bartender was Cuban makes me more interested in trying a Cuban drink created by him! This is a local bar. I can walk there in twelve minutes. So, if the cocktail works out well, I can have another and still make it home alive! But, I will note, that although the new bar is in the same building that the old bar was in, the personality of the bar is quite different.

But, why would you name a 1920’s style upscale Hollywood bar — “Blue Collar?” I think that a name like, “The Roosevelt” would be much better, don’t you? Maybe some roaring 20’s music playing too to set the mood!

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