I met a guy who lives in Tijuana, but works in San Diego

My last trip to San Diego was a little unusual for me. I stayed at some different places and met different types of people. Keep in mind that I live in Los Angeles. We are not near the border, so what goes on near the border is a bit foreign for us. We’re aware of the drug war, but are hours away from it. However, people who live in San Diego belong to a culture of people who go back and forth across that dangerous border.

So, I checked into my hotel. I start gabbing with the staff. The guy I was talking to worked in San Diego, but lived in Tijuana. He drove across every day. He said there was no particular problem with traffic for him. He goes in the fast lane since he has a special pass. I asked him if it was dangerous with the drug war. He said he didn’t feel any danger just as long as you avoid the dangerous part of town. He said that you could get shot by gang bangers in San Diego. I feel safe in most parts of America, but feel that Mexico these days is deadly. To him it is home. And he is not even Hispanic!

Then we started talking about prices. He said that you can get a middle class apartment for about $300 there or live like a rich man for $1000 per month. I like those prices. But, I’m not about to risk my life to save a few bucks! But, once again, to him, it is safe, and he is used to crossing the border daily. Hmmm…

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