Drunken Noodles at Natalie Thai

For Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, my roommate and I went out to eat. We decided to have Indian and Thai food. I had a very pleasant tandoori chicken salad at Electric Karma on 3rd street in Los Angeles. It was very satisfying, especially with the Taj Mahal beer. Later that night we drove past Mao’s Chinese Kitchen. I had read about it online, but never seen it. They have a communist China theme throughout the restaurant and I enjoyed the People’s Dumplings and other dishes. But, the dish that really caught my attention this holiday season was at Natalie Thai.

Natalie Thai has several locations in Los Angeles.
Thai people don’t find it authentic, but I think they are my absolute favorite. I will say, that being an experienced consumer of Thai cuisine, certain restaurants excel at particular dishes. Natalie Thai has always offered top notch food in my experience, but some of the other places out there are lacking when it comes to particular dishes. I have had bad Thai BBQ chicken at several places, lousy Pad Thai at a few spots, and even bad drunken noodles near the beach at a different restaurant.

Drunken Noodles.
There are certain Thai dishes that are dear to my heart. I’m not sure why I like them so much. I love Ping Fish in Red Curry sauce. It is a deep fried sole filet served with red curry sauce and with lots of basil, jalapenos, and red bell peppers. I used to get it twice a month in the old days. But, my absolute favorite is drunken noodles. I love all Thai noodle dishes. But, Natalie Thai does drunken noodles the best. I had it once with a beer, and once without a beer. It seems to be good sober as well. Drunken noodles is a dish with fried flat noodles, basil, onion, bell pepper, and egg. The ingredients are fairly typical. It is a little more spicy than other noodle dishes. They call it Monsoon Noodles at Natalie which is confusing to me.

Many names many dishes
Thai restaurants have all types of bizarre names for their dishes. Another spot called their noodles “Gangster Noodles,.” I enjoyed having that too, particularly with all the jokes my buddy and I were making about the dish. We talked about having a Thai restaurant with a gangster theme. It would be fun if nobody got shot.

Later on
After that I tried some of their raspberry white chocolate chip ice cream. Very unusual. I think I prefer regular chocolate chip or mint chocolate chip, but they didn’t have any.

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