Charro had the best mole in town!

A few months ago during one of my routine trips to Tucson, AZ, I stopped by Charro. Charro is a reknowned Mexican restaurant with some of the best food in town.

What I liked
I ordered their chicken mole, and it was truly the best mole I’ve had in my life. It had just the right amount of richness, spice, and smoothness. The beans were excellent too and were made with a traditional family restaurant. The salad seemed very innovative with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

What I didn’t like
The chips were not that fresh. The salsa was not noteworthy. And the tortillas had been microwaved which is a sin. I told them that I refuse to eat anything that has been nuked.

The ambiance.
I was very intrigued by the interior of the restaurant. It was very 1800’s and even had stained glass windows. There were pictures of Native Americans, Cowboys, Sombreros, and more. There was even an antiquated harp hanging from the ceiling.

I feel that Charro has some of the best food, ambiance, and service around. But, they just killed my experience with the bad chips, nuked tortillas, and mediocre salsa. I expect a place of their reputation to excel in all ways. I have been to tiny Mexican spots in Yuma and other locations that do much better on what I call, “The little things” like handmade tortilla chips, unforgettable salsa, and unique recipes.

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