Like to travel? How about becoming a traveling notary on 123notary?
I run a Notary blog, Outsourcing blog, and Travel blog. But, these topics have a lot of overlap. Many people outsource mortgage work which is related to the Notary profession. And Notaries often travel to their jobs. They don’t get to go to exciting places like Bali, but I know of some who travel to the Mexico border near San Diego. Mobile Notaries get to drive an hour or more to jobs. They get to know their metro inside out and see all the little areas within it. I was a Mobile Notary for years and found it very interesting.

Driving around has been interesting for me. I got to see many different neighborhoods. I got to know the very opulent area of Bel-Air with their $30 million mansions. I saw cool areas like Santa Monica and West Hollywood. I also got to know many ethnic enclaves and their cuisine such as Thai Town, Chinatown, Japan-town, Korea-town, and more. I drove into the desert on many occasions which is like being in a different state completely. I also got to know all of the local jails which is a cultural experience in itself. It is not bad to go as a visitor, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

So, think about becoming a traveling notary. It is a very interesting job with a lively social media community. You can have a flexible schedule and save up to go to Katmandu and then do some real traveling. Just don’t bring your notary seal to Katmandu. You might get in trouble!

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