This Halloween I got a real scare that was very creepy and real!

I wrote two other quick blog posts about my Halloween. It was actually interesting since I got to meet the owner of one of the attractions. But, going to these predictable Halloween events is a bit unsatisfying year after year. I always complain that the scares are not authentic Halloween scares. They are disturbing, but not eerie like they are supposed to be. Having people in cheap costumes “trying” to be scary jumping out at you gets old very quickly.

Well, it was Halloween night. I had my steak at Wood Ranch. I walked home and saw some people with great face make up. One girl had Avatar face make up on and it was shiny blue. How professional looking and impressive! I saw a stormtrooper on my afternoon walk and talked to him about how he put together his outfit. But, it was later on when the real action took place.

I was doing my work on my computer as I usually do. I took a break to watch television. They had a 1980’s Halloween zombie movie playing. Eight people were trapped in a house and zombies were slowly walking towards to house trying to break in. Their eyes were white. They were dead, but perhaps possessed, so they could still move around. The people were boarding up the house and the music for this movie was eerie. If you ask me, the month of October is creepy in general. I tend to get a chilling feeling quite easily, and certain parts of town are just plain spooky.

So, as I was doing my work, a spirit came behind me. For those of you who don’t know, I see spirits quite easily. I generally only experience the spirit of my guru who comes to give me spiritual help. But, this time it was a very spooky and creepy spirit. I felt a sudden chill which is an authentic reaction to being near a ghost. This was a spirit, not a ghost, but then what is the difference? You can physically see a ghost, while you cannot physically see a spirit. I felt afraid, and that cold spot got me to close the windows and crank my heater up full blast.

But, after that experience was over, I said to myself — this is how Halloween is supposed to be, and that was an authentic eerie, spooky, and creepy Halloween scare! That is the one thing these haunted attractions never give me no matter how much I pay, or how many reviews I read!

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