Ice Cream in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not much of a tourist city despite the allure of Hollywood. There is actually not that much to see or do that is of any type of quality high enough for me to recommend. However, this is a city of great restaurants! Desert has never been the forte of Los Angeles. Everyone is on a diet around here. But, there is a growing trend of micro-creameries that are producing some great results!

This is one of my favorite ice cream venues. Conveniently located in Beverly Hills next to a parking lot that offers free parking after 6pm. I love Beverly Hills for this reason. The first time I went to eat in West Hollywood I got a ticket for not turning my wheel. So, I just won’t go back. I’ll go to Beverly Hills where the city values repeat business and has ample parking! Sprinkles has cupcakes in their shop to the left. People stand in line to order out of the wall at night. It is such a strange scene. But, on the right, they have an ice cream place. The color scheme is white with red dots. It takes a while to get used to their interior design and color scheme. Flavors are very accentuated. Their pistachio is very pistachio-y. Their chocolate is very chocolate-y. They have many other unique flavors like Cherry Vanilla, Peanut Butter, and Coffee Almond Fudge (my favorite.) The quality of the food and service is fantastic, and the hot fudge is even better. Additionally, they have brownies and cookies that you can combine with your ice cream to make a sandwich.

A very unusual place. They have novelty ice cream sandwiches, and other ice cream products there, not to mention very unusual flavors like pumpkin, Mexican chocolate, and more! I tried their croissant bread pudding. Such a unique item. Milk is located on Beverly Blvd. a few blocks west of La Brea. They have a selection of ice cream, cupcakes, and other unique deserts and coffees. Parking is a little tricky, but have a good time and enjoy the neighorhood scene.

Umami Burger
Get unusual Asian inpired burgers, and very unusual ice cream flavors. I had ice cream that tasted like a particular type of Japanese beer once. They rotate flavors, so now they have some other unusual flavors. Then, for desert it gets better. They have boutique ice cream sandwiches from L.A. Creamery which is a microcreamery. Very delicious and worth it!

I have not been there, but my roommate really wants to go. They are located in downtown Los Angeles on 458 Main Street which is between 4th and 5th. You have to get on a bicycle and peddle to churn your ice cream. How unique. I heard this place is fun. I will try it sometime soon and let you know!

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