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Welcome to Meander411…

Welcome to Meander411,
This blog is run by Jeremy Belmont who is an avid fan of traveling.  Jeremy has been to 18 foreign countries including many parts of India, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.  Jeremy hopes to visit Dubai, Bali, and a few other interesting destinations soon as well. Jeremy is a language lover and speaks Chinese, Some Spanish, tidbits of 20 other languages, and lots of English

We enjoy blogging about local travel destinations within California and Arizona, but we will be blogging about all sorts of travel topics and places around the globe.  Our goal is to provide a quirky, fun and entertaining view of the places we have visited.  We might even surprise you with a satirical review of a fast food chain that will make you see it in a new light.

This blog will give insightful reviews of interesting restaurants, hotels, travel destinations, and more, so that you will have some good ideas of how to plan your trip in a way that you can extract maximum and optimal interest each step of the way.

We welcome guest bloggers if you have an interesting point of view on a popular travel destination as well.

Happy travels and enjoy our accounts of our meanderings!